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About Us

Our Company :

Global HairImage is going is to bring you the most sought out, high quality hair from all over the globe ! To provide our customers with the best possible experience with authenticity, integrity, consistency, and reliable service. We understand that a woman's hair is a big deal and we want to make sure that we can help enhance it with beautiful and quality products. This is the perfect hair for the globetrotting girl!

Our Hair :

All of our hair is 100% human hair. Our Indian collection has been hand picked and sourced directly in India.  Global HairImage is going to give you the true facts about the hair you purchase. We are honest with our clients. We have studied and explored hair from all over the globe. We are proud of our GODDESS COLLECTION and QUEEN COLLECTION. Both collections have great aspects and quality. It took us a while to sift out the worst from the best. I’m pleased to say we are now on target. Bringing you the best of the best from all over the Globe.

⚜️Our Goddess Collection ⚜️ This hair is cut from the heads of the people of India for religious practices. This hair is the most sought out hair over the world. Their hair comes in all textures and patterns depending on the part of India. Hair is gathered from multiple temples. People don’t realize that even Indian peoples’ hair naturally can tangle just as anyone elses. We make sure all cuticle layers are going in the same direction to avoid tangling. We make sure our hair is still the best in quality. The hair is cleaned and treated with the best care . India is the main place that cut off their hair in large quantities due to the religion. Our raw Brazilian hair was hard to find because they do not cut off their as the Indians do. This hair does not come in large quantities . Brazilian hair is known for there thick , curly hair. Most of the hair people are calling Brazilian hair actually comes 98%from China.

👑 Our Queen Collection 👑  (S.E.A) SOUTHEAST ASIA , is great quality. We went through a lot of bad batches and horrible smelling hair. This hair is virgin hair from Burmese, that is steamed processed on rods to create any curl pattern or texture. The only problem is some companies use strong chemicals that smell to achieve the curls or mix with synthetics. This is the hair 95% of the hair companies are selling you. The hair that has the same exact , defined curl pattern is all steamed Burmese (CHINA) hair. The hair that people call: Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian ,Egyptian Mongolian, Mink, Russian is all from China. The great thing is we have the best quality. It can be reused multiple times with good care.


Our intricate wefting process makes our hair extremely durable. We use a triple reinforced sewing method, which ensures that our wefts last long and do not tangle with minimal to no shedding. The quality of our hair is impeccable. Our raw, virgin bundles are never mixed with any other synthetic fibers or chemically processed and altered. Our natural textures range from sleek straight, body wave to exotic curls. This allows our clients to experience versatility and exceptional blending. All of our virgin extensions are sold in a natural brown tones ranging from 1b-2. With proper care and maintenance our hair can last from use to use.

Style and Quality:

Our high quality virgin hair can be styled in various ways. Whether heat styled ( flat iron , curling tools ) bleached, or colored, our hair will hold up in integrity and quality. You can feel confident knowing that your extensions will last use after use.